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School Closure Information

Snow Day and Delay Schedule

It is an extremely rare occasion that we will close school, to help determine if schools will or will not be closed the following tools will be available:
• The School District will post information on the front page regarding closures.
• The School District has a phone number to call that will have school closure information. - (530) 283- 6500 ext. 1
• The following: KSUE and Plumas News will provide school closure information. - KSUE 92.7, 93.4, 94.3 FM -
When we have days where we know there is a storm coming in, principals will be on site at normal school start time.
On days where there are big storms, we may have a one or two-hour delay on the school start time, this decision will be made by the Superintendent. On a delayed start, all the times are the same except the schools start time will be one or two hours later than the normal start time.
The bus route home drop off time should remain the same as normal; however, some delays may occur due to road conditions.
Examples of delayed Bus Stop pickup times:
•One hour delay - If your normal bus pickup is at 7:05 am then a one hour delay would be 8:05 am.
•Two-hour delay - If your normal bus pickup is at 7:05 am then a two-hour delay would be 9:05 am.