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Principal Spotlight

Terry Hernandez CHS Principal
 Interview with Terry Hernandez CHS Principal:
“This was my first full-time job out of college. I was hired in January 1995 as a science teacher and returned the next year as the history teacher. In 2000 I went back for my credential to be the principal at CHS.”
"Most of what I have achieved has been from my education. It has been an ongoing process throughout my adult life.
My advice to kids is to make sure to think about your career early on and research it. Talk to people in that field and shadow them if possible. Understand what experience and education are required for the career you are interested in. Talk to your school counselor and teachers."
“Kids need to follow their dreams and work hard, nothing comes easy, or at least it shouldn’t. Most of all have fun doing it. Contribute to society in a positive way. I wish I was exposed to more career exploration growing up. I really had no idea what my options were coming out of high school. Students have multiple opportunities to figure out what they want to do with their lives, take advantage of it.”

Terry loves almost anything outdoors, especially hunting and fishing. He rides motorcycles and enjoys coaching football and baseball, and spending time with family and friends, which he says is his number one priority outside of work. As a principal, he says he works hard to make it a positive atmosphere for staff and students where learning takes place all day, every day. “If the students realize we are here because we care they will work hard, learn, and enjoy doing it.” Although he was offered principal jobs in other towns, he is committed to Chester and says he wouldn’t want to work anywhere else.