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AP Computer Science Exam

AP Computer Science Exam
5/15/2024, 12:00 PM 3:00 PM
CHS Room 11

Exam Format

Section I: End-of-Course Multiple-Choice Exam
70 multiple-choice questions | 120 minutes | 70% of score | 4 answer options

  • 57 single-select multiple-choice
  • 5 single-select with reading passage about a computing innovation
  • 8 multiple-select multiple-choice: select 2 answers

Section II: Create Performance Task and Written Response
30% of score

  • Create performance task program code, video, and student-authored Personalized Project Reference | 9 hours in-class | 10% of score
  • 2 written response questions | 60 minutes end-of-course exam | 20% of score

The second section of the AP Computer Science Principles Exam consists of a through-course Create performance task where students will develop a computer program of their choice and an end-of-course written response section where students demonstrate their understanding of their personal Create performance task by answering four prompts. Students will be provided 9 hours of in-class time to complete their program, video, and develop a Personalized Project Reference.  

On the end-of-course exam, students will respond to two questions related to the code in their Personalized Project Reference. The two questions include four distinct prompts: Written Response 1, Written Response 2(a), Written Response 2(b), and Written Response 2(c). Students will have access to their Personalized Project Reference while responding to these prompts. The four categories listed below align to the four prompts. 

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